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Try to imagine your brand new mascot: it’s not easy to figure out the final result, isn't it? That’s why we combine our skills and the clients’ needs using visual material as a draft.

First, we develop some graphic proposals showing measurements, shapes, colours, custom details - anything that makes your project unique.

If your project concerns a mascot costume, then we give you a selection of foams, with different thickness and hardness. Our choice should consider not only the mascot design, but also it’s performance.

After carving the foam , the second step concerns the production of the custom itself and the graphic customisation.

The last step of the program is about details: the visual angle, the position of the nose, the inclination of the mouth or eyebrows and the preparation of the accessories.

In case of special needs, we can provide you with fabrics in Pantone colours, an inbuilt ventilation system and a graphic of the eyes that fully characterizes your mascot and makes the project as complete as possible.

Servizi Sartoriali
Bozzetti e Progetto Grafico

While producing mascot and costumes, we provide our clients with free sketches, up to a maximum of three.

In the making of a mascot covered by copyright, we can develop technical boards where construction details and measurements are illustrated.

For the scenographies, instead, we prepare global sketches with an overview of the single elements to be built. In this case too, if necessary, we can prepare technical boards.


Over the years we have developed a specific experience on both indoor and outdoor set designs, paying attention to precise construction constraints.

To guarantee maximum safety, we also collaborate with an important structural engineering studio that assists us with developing technical projects in scale, producing set designs on site and verifying that all the instructions have been followed carefully.

In the preliminary phase we show you the materials and ask for your approval: our stage designer will help you to define materials and finishes according to the offer, the project design and the longest durability.

Our decorations are mainly handmade: we are happy to prepare every single detail and bring to life unique and custom set design.

Our 300 square metres scenography laboratory, set on the ground floor, is directly accessible from the street. This space allows us to deal with large set designs.

Allestimenti Scenografici

We provide a fully tailored window display service, working directly with the brand (as it occurred with the famous fashion house D&G) or in collaboration with the store managers.

Whatever your project - puppets, scale drawings or large polystyrene sculptures - we guarantee a product that meets our customer needs, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Vetrina Dolce & Gabbana

It’s a tough life… but not for our mascots! Your mascot costume arrives with a user manual full of useful recommendations to extend its lifetime dramatically.

In need of some maintenance? Don’t panic, we can provide minor or complex repairs and professional cleaning.


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