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Mascotte Production srls

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Mascotte Production srls is an innovative and creative company that took to another level the experience achieved since 2009 with Maskot23.

Split into a scenography and a mascot making department, our studio is liven up by an open-minded and experienced staff always looking for high quality results.

From concept to production, our goal is to blend esthetics and functionality, accuracy and selected fabrics to create an appealing 100% Made in Italy tailor-made custom mascot.

Our clients can follow every step of the process: from the graphic study of the character adapted to human proportions to the carving of the foam, from the selection of the most suitable materials and finishes to the making of details and accessories.

We follow the same pattern when producing set and scenography designs: we take into account our clients’ ideas to develop sketches, technical boards, samples, polystyrene or wood sculptures and handmade decorations.

You can find craftsmanship, professionalism, competence, quality and experience summed up in a few words:

It’s a Mascotte Production!

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